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[oom] 3x07 (iv)

Whenever Alex needs a moment to gather her thoughts, she writes.  Usually, her notes are disjointed, a noun here, a verb there.  Names, places, emotions.  She prefers to use the tape to keep her journal.  It's easier when she thinks she's talking to someone else. (Molly.  Where is Molly now?  Where is Gene?)

He's down there with his team, but she knows he'll be coming up those stairs soon.  She's left her shoes on, tidied up the place a bit, actually made the bed for once.  Not that she's slept in it for months.  

She feels him before she hears the knock at the door.  Like a change in the air just before a summer storm, or that sensation you get when know someone else is in the room even if you can't see them.  He has a presence about him.  Always has.  

She puts her notebook away in the bookshelf, and crosses the living room to her front door.  For some reason, she checks the peephole at the door, even though she already knows who it is.  She's not sure why, but the butterflies in her stomach feel more like fear than anticipation.
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He stands, and then looks down at her as she speaks.

‘Thought we weren’t talkin’ about him.’

He wanders to the kitchen, and back again. Alcohol helps the nerves, and he’s tired. That helps too. Less energy available to get angry, or jumpy at random comments. It’s late, and the lights are soft and things feel like they’ve finally turned a corner with her. Being honest has its advantages, it seems.

He sits, and slumps back into the cushions. Without thinking, his feet come up and rest on the coffee table.

‘That prat deserved worse than what you said to him. Don’ worry about it.’
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‘Satisfying enough t’make it worth it, if you ask me. You could always buy another frock.’

She looks just as good in these leggings and loose sweater.

‘I should’ve done it. Though Special Branch would probably have swooped in, an’ chucked away the key on me. Git’s probably got diplomatic immunity or somethin’.’
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Hope we’re gonna be is what his brain supplies, but he doesn’t let it out.

‘What can I say? I’m a bad influence. Or a force for good, depending on how you look at it.’

He cracks the top off his drink.

‘If I start spoutin’ psychology bollocks, feel free to kill me.’
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‘That’s just it, isn’ it? It’s intuition. It doesn’t need a fancy name.’

...and now it sounds like he’s belittling her job. That wasn’t what he meant. He looks down at his hands, and fiddles with a corner of the label on his bottle.

‘You’re good at it, though. Got us out of a scrape or two.’
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He has the grace to look chagrined. Just a little bit.

‘You know what I meant.’
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Gene looks forward, and bites the inside of his bottom lip. Has another drink.

‘Yeah. Yeah he was.’

Sam made him the copper he is now, if he’s honest. Which he has been.

‘You said you knew him. The day we met.’

He glances at her, and half-smirks.

‘It still explains a lot.’
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‘Both mad as a box of frogs.’

She’s attractive when she’s unsure of herself. Hell, she’s attractive when she’s breathing. He'd love to kiss her right now.

‘Both like putting me in my place. Or, tryin’ to. Both annoying as arse.’
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All about me? I seriously doubt it.’

No hiding the edge of flirtatiousness in that. There are some things Sammy Tyler wouldn’t have a damn clue about.

‘And he couldn’t have told you that much. Me an’ him were mates. You bloody hated me at first.’

Unless Sam only told her the worst of him, which is possible, but not that likely. Fair-minded, was Tyler. Most of the time.
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A frown passes across his forehead. The time? Police culture being different?

Not going there. It would only prove his comment about her being mental, and he really doesn’t want this to descend into weirdness. He’s had enough of bloody weird.

‘Thanks a lot. I’ve been trying to scrub that mental image for ten years.’

He smiles, and gets up for another drink.

‘He learned a thing or two that day. With only a touch of bad grace, I’ll give him that.’
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His hand stills around a bottle in the fridge. He doesn’t look at her.

‘I know.’

A muscle twitches in his cheek. He picks the drink up, and cracks it open. This is veering back towards uncomfortable, if not there already.

‘You don’ have to tell me about me and Sam. I know.’

He says it softly. There’s no anger. But he doesn’t need outside validation on that friendship.

‘Just like no one would need to tell me about me an’ you.’
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He thinks it probably wasn’t entirely accurate. He needs her to tell him about the two of them, at least at this stage in things. But he smiles a bit to himself as well. This is going to be OK.

‘Be there in a sec.’

By the time he comes out of the bathroom, he brings another beer. Alcohol is definitely helping. He might manage to make a move on her if he keeps this up.

Sprawling back on the sofa feels better this time.

‘I hope he told you about the time we walked into a crime boss’s den to find him sucking off a rent boy.’

Because that was funny.
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OK, probably not appropriate date conversation. If this is still being classed as a date. He shrugs a shoulder with a smile, and lets it drop.
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He snorts a dry laugh.

‘That was the first time he acted like a human being. I caught him smiling after it.’

Kim bloody Trent.

‘This twat arranged to meet his pals at the baths. We got a tip-off, so went to wait for him. You can’t hang around the side of a pool in a suit, obviously, so we played the part. Trent clocked me, took off - we had t’chase the bastard half the length of the canal before we got him.’

That was another fun morning. The smile dies a little bit though.

‘He ended up shooting one of our lasses. But we got him bang to rights in the end. I saved Tyler’s arse with a well-timed intervention, if I do say so meself.’

The smugness is mostly feigned, and only faint anyway. But this is the first time he’s been able to talk about Sam in three years, and it feels good. Sad, but good.

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