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Room 6620, The Morning Of...

The evening had passed quietly, with no more talk of promises or commitment, or anything of consequence, really.

She'd tried to fall asleep, but only succeeded in dozing lightly off and on.  Every time he shifted or exhaled too sharply, she'd found herself wide awake.  Hypervigilance, she thought.  Her mind was fixated on the thought that she might miss saying goodbye. He wouldn't dare sneak out on her.  He was a bastard sometimes, but he wasn't exactly heartless.

Well, most of the time.

When the first light of dawn hit the windows, she was already awake, listening to the sound of his breathing.  She debated getting up and laying out his suit for him, but that would mean leaving the warmth of the bed.

'Love?  It's time.'

She knows he's anxious to get back.  A part of her understands, remembering how hard it was those first few days and weeks in Fenchurch, waiting to wake up from the nightmare.  At least he has the option to go home.

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He'd slept little better than he has for the last week, but when his eyes open and he remembers what's happening, all sense of drowsiness disappears. He blinks a couple of times, and that's it, he's awake.


Still, he doesn't move. It wouldn't be fair to hurry out of the door. And anyway, he doesn't want to.
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'Yeah,' he says again, fully aware that neither of them can say that with any honesty.

His hand comes to her waist, and rests there.

'Are you going to be all right?'
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He purses his lips, and thumbs away a teardrop.

'I'm sorry it has to be like this.'

But it does. There's nothing else he can do.
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He snorts.

'Will I hell.'

Not a chance.

'He'll get nothin' but straight talk from the Gene Genie.'

Like it was ever in doubt. And if he feels less than convinced that he'll be able to pull it off this time - at least until the memories recede - it doesn't show.
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'Oh, you know me, Bols. Never mind spouting off about how useless the lads are being.'

And now he'll have three or four brand new ones, who won't know their arse from their elbow.

He's both dreading it, and can't wait.

'S'pose at least I won't be bored.'
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'Supposed to be. An' there's stables, and that beach.'

And, y'know. Lots of alcohol. Which is surely the only thing a pub needs.

'And...lots of magic people?'

If that's a draw?
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He glances at her. A touch concerned, in all honesty.

'You know it's not going anywhere, don't you? If you want to go on it, I'll still be allowed on it too.'

His heart sinks a bit, which, considering it wasn't high to begin with, doesn't feel good.

'And yes, people. Alex, you can't stay shut up in here all the time.'
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His eyebrows shoot up.

'A convent? Christ, you'd better not.'

Where did that even come from?

'Though if you want to rent a room in one for when I'm not here, I wouldn't mind.'
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'Pass on the Gene Genie? Nah.'

He wasn't worried, until right this minute. And not too much now. After what they've been through, he's pretty sure her head isn't going to be turned by some magic-wielding pretty boy from outer space.

'Anyway, if you did you'd tell me about it. So-'

He shrugs, the hint of a smile on his lips.
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He rolls his eyes in a good-humoured way, leans up and kisses her gently.

'I was teasin', Bols. Calm down.'

She always did get wound up at the smallest provocation. He quite likes it when it's about nice things.

'You know very well I've been trying to get into you for years.'
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He snorts quietly, returns the kiss, and then lays his head back to watch her.

'Nothing wrong with notches and bedposts, Bolly.'

And of course, he's not sure his conquests count, any more.

'But I think you rank a but higher than that, yeah.'
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'You don't need to be so hard on yourself over that. You'd just seen your mum and dad die again.'

And it's not like his mother is any more real than he is.

'It could have been a lot worse.'
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He smiles dryly, and pushes a wisp of hair off her forehead.

'I'd met her before that. I think that was probably more embarrassing for you, than me.'

Because it's not like he cares what uptight solicitors think of him. They're as bad as judges, in his opinion. Professional awkward, yes. Not personally.

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