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Mum? Mummy. Mummy! The doctor got the bullet out. You're going to be okay. He said if you get plenty of rest, and if there are no complications, you're going to wake up. You're going to be fine! Mum? Mummy?

Her head was killing her, and her tongue felt thick in her mouth. But she was in hospital, she knew. The bullet was out and she'd be waking up from this nightmare any moment now. She didn't know which was worse, the throbbing in her skull or the ache of anticipation in her chest. She'd said her goodbyes, on paper anyway. She'd steeled herself with the reality that yes, as much as she cared for them all, she was going home.

That's why she was dozing in the back of the van, a miracle really, considering the whole team was on stakeout, waiting for the huge drug deal they'd been tipped off to. So she let him boss her around, make her stay in the back of the van sipping that tepid watery brew that Shaz called tea, listening to them raising a ruckus on the radio. Really, Daddy Bear, Big Bear and Baby Bear? Honestly?

It was the urgency in Chris's voice that made her sit up and take notice.

"Ray! Ray!"

She was out of the van and moving before the conscious thought could register. The construction sight was a nightmare, and she could hear them brawling in the harsh shadows of the sodium lights. One of them had the Guv around the neck and was holding a knife to his throat.

"If one of you so much as blinks, I'll cut his throat so wide, he'll be using his tongue for a tie."

The bastard tries to drag him off around a corner, and he's yammering the whole way, telling her exactly where he is. She picks up a two by four and hits for the six, catching the man right at the base of the skull. The Guv finishes him off with a punch to the gut and she grins as he goes down hard.

"Say hello to Mummy Bear!" )
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She'd fallen asleep on the couch again, watching the BBC logo spin endlessly, waiting for word from Molly. Something, anything, just to keep her connected to her real life, to her daughter. Something to keep her from forgetting why she was fighting so hard to get home. To remind her why, now, in what felt like their darkest hour, she couldn't let herself weaken, not even for a single night.

The white static of the television breaks into a programme and she starts awake.

A children's programme, with a ventriloquist talking to Orville, the large green duckling perched on his knee.

The childlike voice makes her heart clench, but at least the news is good.

She's made it to the hospital. The prognosis is grim, but she's still alive. She's safe away from that madman and the constant cold drip of water.

There's still hope.


"Burglary at number two Stanley Road, Guv. Are you still near there?"

The call comes in over the radio and her heart stops.

"Stanley Road."

"Give it to plod, Viv."

"That's Bryan. Well come on let's go!"

"Who's Bryan?"

"It's Pete's dad. Just start the car!"

"Who's Pete?"

"He's Molly's father. We've got to get to the Drakes."

"The Drakes. Oh don' tell me they 'ave the misfortune to be related to you."

Alex isn't even listening. "Oh this is gonna be seriously weird."

Gene looks at her, and then back at the lads. "That'll make a nice change." )All dialogue from Ashes To Ashes 2x05


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