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Alex changed into the dress she'd brought for the occasion. It was conservative by her normal standards, but still red as roses and flattering to her figure.  She'd worn her hair up, with pearl earrings and a matching necklace.  (She rather felt like Betty Ford, but this was hardly Blitz.)

Gene had shown up in his suit and tie, and still hadn't noticed the pin, even as Betty and Alex shared a good giggle about it.  To be fair, he was well on his way to comfortably pissed by the time they sat down to eat.

Dinner was spectacular.  The bird turned out perfectly, and the rest of the table had been food fit for a king.  Alex kept thinking how lucky it was Betty had made so much, seeing as her son put away at last three platefuls, with a bottle of wine to wash it down.  Dinner conversation was more light-hearted, with Betty filling Gene in on who had got married and who had died, who had had babies and who went off to jail. She knew everyone it seemed, and was eager to fill him in on the goings about in the neighbourhood. 

And the trifle turned out perfectly.  Alex had raved about how she'd never successfully pulled one off and Gene rolled his eyes while they discussed the finer points of proper custard assembly.

Betty had tried to dissuade her from helping with the washing up, but Alex wouldn't hear it.

"You go sit down and put your feet up, Betty.  You've been in here all day.  I can take care of this.  Go on."
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They'd stayed passed last call, and last last call, and no really last call.  They'd stayed till Nelson turned up the lights and put all the chairs up.  Alex's chin was heavy on her hand as she watched him try to focus on the bottom of his pint glass.  He was lucky he was still upright in his chair.

Nelson wandered over with a rag draped over his shoulder, hands clasped before him and a far more patient look than Luigi ever managed.

"Listen, Guv, you don't 'ave to go home yet but you can't stay 'ere, now.  Take your little lady 'ome and tuck 'er in, won't you?  So you can bot' be bright eyed for Christmas dinner tomorrow."

Alex smirked at the 'little lady' comment, and without turning her head, managed to look at him.

She held out her hand to him, palm up, fingers beckoning.  "Keys."


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