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DI Alex Drake

Sometimes you can't help which way you fall.

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DI Alex Drake
My name is Alex Drake. I’ve just been shot and that bullet has taken me back in time. Now I’m lost in 1982, and all I can do is fight, and search, and stay alive. Because, somehow, I will find a way home.
DI Alexandra "Alex" Drake is a psychological profiler for the London Metropolitan Police in 2008. She is responsible for compiling a psychological profile of DCI Sam Tyler, who committed suicide after emerging from a multi-year coma, during which he claimed to have been transported to 1973. During her interviews, DCI Tyler gave DI Drake extensive details of the comprehensive illusion he claimed to have lived.

She might tell you then that it was no surprise that when she was shot in the line of duty, her own mind transported her back to the year 1981, and that her own illusion was populated with the same characters as Tyler's dream. She has assumed Tyler's role in the illusion, and she is convinced that all of the people she's interacting with are her own "mental constructs". She makes no bones about it, calling them such to their faces.

From her police file, circa 1981: Degree in psychology. Experienced officer with a thorough knowledge of the city. DI Drake has proven herself perceptive in deduction and understanding the workings of the criminal mind. She carries a strong sense of justice but has an annoying habit of applying this as much to the practices of CID as to the criminal underclass.

She is brilliant, driven, intense, and easily up to the task of being the only female DI in her division. She is not intimidated to be working in a man's world, and she's not afraid to stand up to the most abrasive member of her team, DCI Gene "Genie" Hunt, one of the primary characters in DCI Tyler's world of Manchester 1973. She knows her job and she's damned good at it. Even in the face of her team members scepticism, she knows that the techniques she's been trained in are what will ultimately help her solve her cases, and hopefully, return her to the modern world.

She is a single mother who dearly adores her daughter Molly. She desperately craves her mother's approval, and she constantly analyses everything, seeking to understand the world through empirical methods. And she's haunted by visions, images of the world of her subconscious, dreams and nightmares in that world between her consciousness in 1981 and her life in 2008.

DI Alex Drake is from the television show Ashes to Ashes, and is the property of Kudos Film And Television. She is portrayed by Keeley Hawes. She appears here solely for the purpose of roleplaying in [info]milliways_bar& [info]mixed_muses, from which no profit is being made.

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